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​榮譽所長 林輝煌


S.J.D., Duke University, U.S.A.​

LL.M., Duke University, U.S.A.

LL.M., National Chung Hsing University

LL.B., National Chung Hsing University

Current Positions

Honorary ​Chairman, L'international Legal & Partners

Visiting Professor, Shih Hsin University


Taiwan, Republic of China

Key Experience

Former Vice Minister for Political Affairs, Ministry of Justice​

Former First Head Prosecutor, Supreme Prosecutors Office

Former President of the Academy for the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice

Former Director, Department of Judicial Protection of Ministry of Justice

Former Prosecutor General, Penghu & Hualien District Prosecutors Office​

Key Associate Roles

Appeals Committee, Executive Yuan​

General Convener, Initiative to amend Criminal Law, Ministry of Justice

Supervisor, Cross-straits Exchange Foundation

Visiting Professor, Soochow University

Adjunct Professor, College of Law, National Taipei University

Visiting Associate Professor, Law School, Donghai University

"Constitution and Basic Human Rights" Seminar, National Dong Hwa University 

Associate Professor, Law School, National Chengchi University  

Associate Professor, Law School, Chinese Culture University

Ethics Committee, Chinese Arbitration Association

Huei-huang Lin

Dr. Lin received his S.J.D degree from Duke University, U.S.A. and most recently served as the Vice Minister for Political Affairs, Ministry of Justice. Before joining the firm as honorary chairman, he was a member of the judiciary for nearly 40 years, starting as a district prosecutor, then as the prosecutor general of various district prosecutors’ offices, and later nominated to be the associate prosecutor general of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.

Dr. Lin's practice primarily focuses on complex litigations at all levels, especially in the Supreme Court of Taiwan. For his long-term and distinguished achievements in the judiciary, he has been widely recognized as one of the leading legal strategists in Taiwan.  With his outstanding academic achievement, Dr. Lin has spoken, written extensively, and published numerous influential legal articles. Dr. Lin is regarded as one of the top specialists in various areas of laws, in Taiwan , especially in comparative law, including comparative constitutional law, human rights protection law, civil and criminal laws, procedural laws, securities, intellectual protection law, commercial arbitrations, intergovernmental relations, and legal and judicial system design and reform.

Dr. Lin is a renowned judicial educator as well. He served for over 16 years as the President of the Institute for the Judiciary, the most prestigious national institution providing onboard training, mentoring and development for future judges and prosecutors. In Taiwan, law graduates are first required to successfully pass a rigorous national examination and then receive a two-year training program at the Institute before being officially appointed as judges or prosecutors.

Dr. Lin was also the former Vice Minister for political affairs of the Ministry of Justice and involved in policy-decision making in many of the most significant legal cases in Taiwan that had a broad influence on political philosophy, constitutional law, and public policy. Dr. Lin is concurrently a visiting professor of law at various universities in Taiwan and is considered one of the most prominent legal philosophers, scholar, and practitioners and has an unsurpassed understanding of the regulatory environment in Taiwan.

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