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L'international Legal & Partners



Attorney Calvin Lin founded the "L'international Legal & Partners" law firm in 2017. The firm’s Chinese name, Unicorn Downpour, was given by Dr. Hui-Huang Lin, Attorney Lin's father, who takes the homonym of the two Chinese first characters "Lin & Lin."as the name of the firm. The thought inspired by the Chinese ancient belief that the unicorn is a very rare auspicious holy creature, symbolizing exceptional talent, thereby "麟"(pronounced in Chines as Lin) is used as its first character. And then, the other character" (霖) “( also pronounced in Chines as Lin) " suggests both "blessing" and "beneficial rain for crops," signifying kindness and prosperity, serving as the second one. Through connecting these two Chinese characters麟( Lin) " and "霖(Lin)"as a phrase, it symbolizes that the firm aims to congregate the professional expertise in judicial investigations, trial practices, legal administrations, and legal theories under the leadership of a renowned legal expert in Taiwan, Dr. Lin, ensuring to provide the public with the protection of their legal rights and the available resolutions of disputes. As for the firm’s English name, the first three letters "Lin" represent the last names "Lin and Lin", representing both the father and the son. Moreover, "L'" in French shares the same concept as "The" in English. Combined with "international Legal & Partners," it is to signify the firm's highly internationalized legal professionalism and mindset.


To be the best advocate for our clients’ legal interests and the leading source of critical legal information, analytics and insight that enables growth, efficiency and value for our clients.


We believe that our success is pivoted on our client’s success. Our key mission is to build a great firm that engages exceptional people, with a view to supporting our customers daily by offering a powerful combination of best in class legal expertise, knowledge and solutions to enable our clients make more informed decisions for sustainability and growth.


Our core value is to strive for excellence in a collaborative manner and adhere to the highest professional and ethical standard that yields trust. We endeavor to safeguard our clients’ legal interests without any reservation. The foundation of our firm lies in serving the best interest of our clients.


We are committed to providing the highest level of legal services to our clients. We have considerable experience in representing clients with international business interests that require a coordinated and seamless response. We advise clients from diverse international business sectors, with commercial, industrial, financial and technology backgrounds on cross-border transactions, including litigation, intellectual property, with offensive or defensive measures, securities offerings, financial derivatives, financings, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and investments, etc.
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